One day I was bored looking on the app store looking for new games to explore and I came across an app called Poshmark, so I downloaded it. Once I had the app on my phone I decided to  with it. Poshmark is an app on your phone that allows you to buy and sell used or new clothing.

This process of how to list the items you want to sell: 

1.) Sort through all of your  clothes. Put them into piles of donate (if you are questioning whether the item is sellable, ask yourself “Would I buy this if I saw it for sale?”), possibly sell, sell, and keep. The key to successful sales on Poshmark is having a targeted audience of who you want to sell your clothes to. The clothing that you list should be pretty similar in style, so that way your followers/customers know what to expect.

2.) Figure out how much the clothing you want to sell is worth. I usually have a rough estimate of how much to list them for since I have been doing this for a while. If you don’t know then what it is worth then search the brand on Poshmark and some key terms that describe the item to sell if someone has it priced at a certain price. You have to price your stuff to sell, by being competitive with your prices. Once you figure out what you want to make on it then add $10-$20 to give yourself the ability to price drop and so you are open to accepting offers (using the blue offer button on the lower right-hand corner of the listing).

3.)  Taking pictures of the clothing. At first, the pictures I posted for my listing were awful. I didn’t know the key to getting good picture. The key is finding a good background that is either outside or close to a window. Natural lighting sells faster and gets more money. The reason being is because then potential buyers are able to see all the colors clearly and it doesn’t make it look like you are trying to hide a flaw on the clothing from them.

4.) Networking. You’ll need followers, you get them followers by following other users and by sharing things from your closet for your followers. Another good way of networking is to wear things that you’ve bought from Poshmark to spark conversation. A lot of people either want the brand name things but can’t afford them or they want the brand names but they don’t like to spend too much. Poshmark is nice because when people sell used things sell it for 40% of the original price and when people sell new with tags clothes they sell it for 60% of the original price.  Lastly for networking, if you are selling a lot or plan to advertise on your social media accounts.

5.) Staying organized is the most important thing out of all of the processes. If all of the sudden one day lose a sale because you lost the item then you are knocking yourself down. I have a schedule that when I wake up in the morning I share at least 25-40 listing to get people to want to look at my closet because they are all penitential buyer.